Monday, January 09, 2006

Carnegie Mellon's MBA/MSCF program

I have decided to apply to Carnegie Mellon's MSCF program. Although my long term career goal is to be an entrepreneur. The reality set in when I realized what my MBA loan expenses would be like. I think it would be better if i work for couple of years first and pay off my student loans. I have always had a strong interest in stocks trading. MSCF is a Quant heavy program and my best friend knows several traders in his leading finance firm who were hired through the program. It is definitly something I can appreciate after going through a rigorous engineering program. This will be my last application this year in my quest for higher education.
On another note,
I will be staffed in Asia for next four months (starting in two weeks). I am so glad I will be quitting work in July. Although this should be fun as my wife will accompany me for a month or so on this trip. I can't imagine being out there for four months without family and friends. This trip is going to make everything difficult as I will have a very short time to file taxes and apply for financial aid. It will also make it extremely difficult to interview if I do get those last minute interview invites from NYU or MIT and more recently (cMello MSCF). But at this point the interview part is not worth worrying about. it seems like all the all of the interview invites from MIT and NYU round 1 have gone out already.

- cMan

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Accepted at Yale!!!!!

I can't believe this. I have been accepted at Yale. Just when I was giving up hope and losing it, the phone rang with the legendary 203 area code. I am not sure what the person on the other end of the phone said. I assume she said I am accepted. I don't know what I said in response and have no recollection of the conversation. But, I think I am in. he he. this is crazie. More to come later.

I just also want to thank everyone for their support and to those who have also gotten acceptances. Congrats, a big round of applause and party on guys.

- cMan

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Partying in NYC

I am going to NYC tonite to party it up with mah friendz. My advice for the day to those of you who are applying to business schools. If you are just below school's average on GMATs do not apply to top city schools like NYU, MIT.

apply to schools sort of out of everybody's way

i.e Duke, Tuck & Carnegie Mellon, UNC and Darden. You will get a better response from those schools then the above mentioned. And from what I hear from my friends, you can goto same places (work wise) after graduation as those listed above (i.e NYU, MITs).

If you want to get into Sales and trading, you can definitly get in that career from Carnegie Mellon. I know two ppl who have done so.

- cMan

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My first ding and first acceptance

Finally, there is some score on the scoreboard. As I had expected, I have been rejected by Cornell. I don't think it was related to my GMAT at all. Looking back it was my first application and my essays were atrocious. On the brighter note, I have been accepted by my beloved choice, Boston University.

Boston U - Accepted
Cornell - Dinged without Interview

A bunch of ppl got their invites from Sloan already. I have not received mine yet. I assume that I am on the ding pile already. That feeling is already creeping in. I felt the sameway when I didn't get invited from Cornell on the first day of the invites. And I was right. I really had a tough day in Europe today. My atm card (to retrieve cash) hasn't been working hence I have been forced to eat at rather expensive restaurants where they accept credit cards. I also had to stay late at work and didn't get time to eat lunch. I ate dinner around 10:00 PM. For those of you wanting to go in consulting career. Let this be a lesson to you that traveling from city to city to continent to continent is not a fun life style. I see a lot of ppl wanting to go into management consulting track, I want to stay far far away from that lifestyle. I don't care how special McKinsey or Bain is. In fact, even if they gave me a position with a lot of money and benefits, I would not take it. It is especially straining on relationships.

For me, MBA will several purposes

- Will get to see my wife more often
- Will give me a break for my current job
- I enjoy studying and academics (might even consider to stay longer and do a DBA or PhD)
- May catapault me into a lucrative career

anyways, holla at me if you guys are in the country of 'the last supper' (hint: on my whereabouts).

- cMan

Monday, November 28, 2005

in Europe

Sorry, I haven't kept this blog up to date. I have been in Europe for work and have not had a chance to update the blog since my last entry. During this time, I have reflected more on why I want an MBA and whether I should retake the GMAT. First GMAT, I will be retaking the gmat if I do not get into any of my desired schools. I will hear back from all of the schools by February 15 of next year. I have not heard back from MIT and NYU and Cornell. I will be applying to Georgetown as well. I have been assured by GeorgeTown alumni that I would definitly be a good candidate for the school. Alright, gotta get back to work. will update later this week.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

to retake the gmat or not to retake?

To All readers,
I have not crossed the magical 700 gmat barrier. I have gotten just below this number. Should I retake the gmat and cross this mental barrier? Do you think it helps my chances? Please share your experiences or myths you've heard through grapewine.

Thanks in Advance,

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Submitted all of my application

I have submitted all of my application. Now begins the waiting game. I have been really focused on work now so I don't make the waiting experience painstakingly long. As stated previously, my biggest concern is not being to get in any school.